CSW Consulting 

CSW Consulting is an arm of FACT/SF that provides project management services and professional development for performing artists. We oversee projects, coach clients in their short and longer-term goals, and develop a sustainable work-flow process that is individually suited to each client’s needs and capacity.

 Slender-White. Photo by Connor Radnovich.

Slender-White. Photo by Connor Radnovich.


CSW Consulting is run by a two person team: Charles Slender-White (Principal) and Chloë Zimberg (Associate). Together, Slender-White and Zimberg ensure that clients receive all contracted services on time and at the highest quality possible.

Our clients are performing arts producers, makers, and performers. We help them mount productions, work through organizational development, articulate their unique brand and vision, chart out career goals, develop their writing skills, and more.


Each client works directly with Charles Slender-White to identify and articulate goals, resources, challenges, immediate needs, and broader areas of concern. Together, Charles and the client build an action plan and diligently work towards progress, one task at a time.


We believe that most independent artists do not have sufficient project management support or access to 1-1 professional coaching from colleagues in the field. We think this is detrimental to the development of the field as a whole, and puts undue strain on artists. CSW Consulting seeks to help people start working better so they can make even better work.

Background & Perspective

Slender-White has been working as a full-time dance artist since 2006. As a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and the Artistic Director of FACT/SF, Slender-White has observed and experienced first-hand the many challenges facing independent performing artists in America.

Aside from the obvious hurdle of funding, Slender-White has observed that self-producing artists in America are most challenged by time. This time challenge contains two components: time to do the work and time to manage the work. While artists often have the time to either do the work or manage the work, they rarely have the time to do both. And, given limited funding resources, finding affordable and competent on-going administrative support can be nearly impossible.

It is our opinion that, with clear guidance and a project management structure that prioritizes accountability and encourages growth, artists can increase their capacity to efficiently organize and stage productions while creating their best work possible.

Levels of Service

There are three different levels of service. All require a minimum six-month commitment.

In addition to these packages, we are happy to work with each potential client to construct a unique service package that directly addresses what they need and would most benefit from. If you don't see something here that you want or imagine a different scale of service, just ask!

The Basics ($200/month)

  • Initial intake interview
  • Monthly in-person meetings
  • Monthly phone meetings
  • Weekly reminder emails
  • Project management for 1 project in the 6-month period

The Basics Plus ($500/month)

  • Initial intake interview
  • Monthly in-person meetings
  • Monthly phone meetings
  • Weekly reminder emails
  • Project management for 1 project in the 6-month period
  • General copy editing for grants, press releases, newsletters, social media posts, etc.

The Big Picture ($800/month)

  • Initial intake interview
  • Monthly in-person meetings
  • Monthly phone meetings
  • Weekly reminder emails
  • Project management for up to 2 projects in the 6-month period
  • General copy editing for grants, press releases, newsletters, social media posts, etc.
  • Access to templates for press releases, budgets, and production timelines
  • Coaching on how to better represent yourself in writing
  • Dramaturgical support for your production/creation
  • Scheduling services (we do all your scheduling for space, rehearsals, collaborator meetings, press interviews, etc.)

project management

Your 'project' might be the premiere of a new work, a fundraising event, a donor outreach campaign, or the development of a strategic plan. Whatever it is, our role as project manager is essentially to make sure the trains run on time.

Every project, large or small, has many moving parts, numerous tasks, people whose schedules need to be coordinated, documents that need to be drafted, revised, and finalized, etc. We work with our clients to develop comprehensive timelines and due dates for action items, frequently follow up with everyone involved, keep track of what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done, and ensure that the project's big picture and purpose doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Our project management work lies at the intersection of the more traditionally defined roles of production manager, stage manager, company manager, administrative assistant, and dramaturge. We support the client as they work towards their goals by acting as an additional brain, supervisor, confidant, and outside eye.

Team Bios

Charles Slender-White, Principal
Charles Slender-White began his career in arts administration in 2004, providing grant writing and production support for small arts organizations in the SF Bay Area. From 2006-2008 he lived in Russia, pursuing a career as a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Then, in 2008 he returned to California to establish the contemporary dance company, FACT/SF. Over the past 9 seasons, Slender-White has guided FACT/SF through 9 fundraising campaigns, 7 fundraising events, 2 international tours, 4 regional tours, and more than 300 performances. With FACT/SF, Slender-White launched an annual commissioning program for local choreographers (JuMP), a weekly gathering of choreographers (Choreographers Have Coffee), a regional touring initiative (PORT), an annual summer workshop (FACT/SF Summer Dance Lab), and many other programs aimed at supporting the field and cultivating community.

As lead grant writer for FACT/SF, Slender-White has secured funds from the US Department of State, Kenneth Rainin Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission, Rainin Opportunity Fund, Trust for Mutual Understanding, Movement Research, Zellerbach Family Foundation, CA$H Grants, Lighting Artists in Dance Awards, and the Columbia Foundation.

Through both his independent work and his work with FACT/SF, Slender-White has developed a robust local and international network of colleagues. Along with many cities in the United States, Slender-White has worked and studied in Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Russia, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Poland, France, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Australia.

Additionally, Slender-White has served as a guest on career development panels at UC Berkeley and Cal State East Bay, as a delegate to the Nomad Dance Advocacy Conference in Serbia, and as a guest artist at the University of Calgary, University of San Francisco, Yekaterinburg University of the Humanities, Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, and the American Dance Festival. Slender-White frequently blogs about his work with FACT/SF, and has been published in Dancers’ Group’s InDance and on the blog, Stance on Dance. In 2009, Slender-White worked as an English Language editor for the University of Warsaw.

Charles Slender-White graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with degrees in English Literature and Dance & Performance Studies.

Chloë Zimberg, Associate
Chloë Zimberg hails from Vashon Island in Washington State and moved to the Bay Area in 2012 to pursue her degree in Performing Arts and Social Justice through the Dance Department at the University of San Francisco.  

Zimberg began her career in arts administration working as an assistant to USF’s Performing Arts and Community Exchange program, which brings together men in San Francisco County Jail No. 5’s Resolve To Stop The Violence Program and USF students. Since then, she has helped to develop, write, and submit new curriculum, now offered at USF, and has acted as Administrative Assistant at Dancers’ Group.

Currently, Zimberg works as Co-Administrator and Co-Director of Chlo & Co Dance, which produces a curated evening of performance work, The Drove, twice a year. In addition, she acts as Coordinator for FACT/SF, focusing on administration and development.


Chloë Zimberg
FACT/SF Coordinator & CSW Consulting Associate
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