(90 minutes)
Premiere: September 27, 2018
CounterPulse - San Francisco, CA
Available for Touring

death is a 90-minute contemporary dance and immersive experience about death and the acute, isolating grief often suffered by the living. This work aims to be a celebration, a conjuring, and a collective mourning for performers and audience alike. death is the third part of Slender-White's triptych on death, grief, and loss.

Most adults have experienced loss in some way, and death offers audiences a diversity of ways to engage with the topic. FACT/SF believes that contemporary dance is defined by the intersection of physical rigor, intellectual rigor, and emotional expressivity. This particular frame around dance lends itself well to the difficult and often unwieldy reality of death and the dead. This new work hopes to offer a unique point of access.

The creation and premiere performances of death were supported by FACT/SF’s individual donors, and CounterPulse.

Choreography: Charles Slender-White in collaboration with the performers

Performers: Michaela Burns, Kegan Marling, Morganne Mazeika, Catherine Newman, LizAnne Roman Roberts, Isabel Rosenstock, Charles Slender-White, Amanda Whitehead

Image by Robbie Sweeny