2018 FACT/SF Balkans Tour

October 24 - November 17
Belgrade, Serbia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Zagreb, Croatia
Skopje, Macedonia

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The FACT/SF Balkans Tour will cover four cities, in 4 countries, from October24 - November 17, 2018. FACT/SF will tour (dis)integration (2016) and Platform (2017), and teach workshops and master classes to students. 

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(dis)integration is an immersive and modular contemporary dance about the Romani Diaspora, racial ambiguity, code-switching, and assimilation. The work addresses persistent stereotypes of ‘Gypsies’, unpacks Slender-White’s experience as a fourth generation Romani-American, and was instigated by Michelle Obama’s casual use of the ethnic slur, ‘gypped’, during the 2014 Working Families Summit.

This is a complicated topic, so we’ve made a complicated work. Western culture trades in Romani stereotypes, and continues to imagine a ‘gypsy’ who is enticingly liberated yet simultaneously suspect. It’s important for me that people realize that we are not a fantasy of the past. There are more than 1 million Roma in America, and millions of us worldwide; we have no nation-state, and we are the constant victims of systemic oppression and popular ignorance. - Charles Slender-White

Platform, commissioned by ODC Theater, is a duet choreographed and performed by Liane Burns and Charles Slender-White. Platform is set to and inspired by Holly Herndon’s 2015 album of the same name, and investigates the relationships between people, the digital spaces they occupy, and the attendant homogeneity that arises from their echo-chamber-creating algorithms.


Belgrade, serbia

October 24 - October 29

Teaching a workshop and touring (dis)integration, in partnership with Station Theater. 

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Sofia, Bulgaria

October 29 - November 1

Touring (dis)integration and leading additional workshops on the Roma diaspora, in partnership with Derida Dance Center. 

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Zagreb, Croatia

November 1 - November 10

Teaching 5 days of master classes to local dance students and touring Platform. 

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Skopje, Macedonia

November 10 - November 17

Developing new work on students and touring Platform, in partnership with a local university. 

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please email factsf@factsf.org. Or, call 415.349.0878.

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