Fiscal sponsorship

[Note: 2019 is a pilot year for FACT/SF’s Fiscal Sponsorship program.]

FACT/SF Fieldwork: Fiscal Sponsorship offers fiscal sponsorship, financial oversight, grant writing support, mentorship, and professional coaching for performing artists who are not otherwise incorporated as their own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Fiscal sponsees are able to utilize FACT/SF’s nonprofit status to solicit donations and apply for grants. Additionally, sponsees have the opportunity to work with FACT/SF Artistic Director, Charles Slender-White, as a mentor and coach. Sponsees identify which areas of their work they would like to further develop, and then they collaborate with Slender-White to design an approach for pursuing their goals.


Email Slender-White at with any questions and/or to begin the conversation about becoming fiscally sponsored by FACT/SF.

Current fiscal sponsees

Chlo & Co Dance
Stephanie Hewett

Banner Image: Robbie Sweeny