Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Life: a performance and conversation about death

(60 minutes)
Scheduled Premiere: April 18, 2018
Presented as part of Reimagine End of Life
CounterPulse - San Francisco, CA

Life: A performance and conversation about death is a contemporary dance performance, a lecture, and a discussion. It’s the second part in FACT/SF’s triptych on mourning, loss, and death. This performance and facilitated dialogue aims to help audience members discover a unique point of access to the conversation about death, dying, grief, and loss.

In addition to the performance, attendees will be invited to participate in an open dialogue with the company artists and our choreographer, Charles Slender-White. The dialogue will focus on how our research and personal experiences with death inform our creative process, and the power and impact of channeling grief and loss into a shared artistic activity. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask us questions and share their own stories, too. The conversation will be facilitated by Jeanne Pfeffer.

Life is made possible with support from CounterPulse, Reimagine, and FACT/SF's individual donors.

Choreography & Direction
Charles Slender-White in collaboration with the performers

Michaela Burns, Catherine Newman, LizAnne Roman Roberts, Isabel Rosenstock, and Charles Slender-White

Jeanne Pfeffer

Image by Robbie Sweeny