(60 minutes)
Premiere: May 7, 2015
Joe Goode Annex - San Francisco, CA
Available for Touring

Relief, co-produced by FACT/SF and the Joe Goode Annex, is an immersive contemporary dance about the human quest for satisfaction. Performed in the round for between 40-60 people per night, Relief additionally features a floor-to-ceiling blue paper set.

Slender-White explains his inspiration, “I've lately become obsessed with the human condition in all its grandeur and all its banality. I'm hungry to explore and expose what makes us tick, what gets us up in the morning, and what devastating events (small though they often are) can completely derail the trajectory we thought we were on. Even very common days can be full of surprises and challenges, and I hope that by taking on something real and shared, Relief will be accessible to, and deeply resonant for, a pretty wide audience."

The creation and premiere performances of Relief were supported by FACT/SF’s individual donors, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and the Joe Goode Annex.

Choreography: Charles Slender-White in collaboration with the performers

Performers: Liane Burns, Michaela Burns, Catherine Newman, LizAnne Roman Roberts, Charles Slender-White, Amanda Whitehead

Music: Holly Herndon, Ryoji Ikeda, DJ Snake & Lil Jon, Yelle

Lighting Design: Charles Slender-White

Costumes: Sporadic Assembly

Image by Kegan Marling